Monday, November 11, 2013


We made the most of Halloween this year but only got a few pictures!  I've been terrible at taking pictures lately.  I feel like I never have enough hands to be holding a camera.  But at least we got a few.  We got a lot of wear out of our costumes this year.  First, Tate had a costume party at his preschool.  He was SO excited to wear his costume to school and show all of his friends.  He was especially excited to tell everyone his mask (he is very into masks lately) and tell them that his costume glows in the dark.  
The Saturday before Halloween we went up to Erie and Janelle and I ran a 5k.  It was a really fun race.  Maybe I'm just made for shorter distances.  While I'm still not fast by any means, I find it so much more enjoyable than a long race.  Of course, I'm sure everyone probably feels that way.  I got a PR and beat my goal time which was so exciting.  It was one of those runs that made me remember why I like running.  Usually I don't like the actual running, but I love the feeling when I'm done.  But I really enjoyed that race.  So glad I was able to run with Janelle who also killed it, by the way.  I'm glad we have another hobby we can do together.  I hope we can sign up for more races together soon. 
That night we went to the ward trunk-or-treat.  It was a huge event and was coordinated by one of the young women in our ward.  Super impressive for a 16 year old.  The boys had fun.  We played "thriller" in the car and Finn "danced", Tate was a little nervous about a few people in costumes and some of the decorated trunks were a bit too scary for him but both boys got too much candy and were very ready for bed by the end of the night.  It was great. 
On Halloween we dressed the boys up and went to visit Glenn at work.  It's become a bit of a tradition for us to visit Glenn on Halloween.  It was fun for the boys to show off their costumes and to have lunch with Glenn.
Halloween was really cold.  We did a quick trick-or-treating spin around our neighborhood and then headed home.  Finn figured out what to say by the end.  It came out more like, "kick a keet".  I'm going to be so sad when he looses his little boy voice.  Everything he says right now is so stinkin' cute.  Poor Finny was a little confused as to why he couldn't just eat each piece of candy as he was given it.  Why must we put them in the bucket, Dad?  The man just gave me a lollipop!  He even started throwing in a  "happy happy haweeeen!" at each house.  Tate kept looking down at his bones as it got darker to see when his costume would start to glow.  I'm glad he wanted a simple costume this year. We found one he loved at the store, he didn't change his mind, and was very happy.   I'm also glad that Finny fit into Tate's old costume.  We'll see if that happens again next year.  It's pretty awesome having two boys so all the sweet clothes Tate wore get another go around, and it's especially nice for Halloween costumes.  I realize some day he'll have an opinion and want to choose something that his brother did not wear last year.  But for now, it's pretty sweet.  
So here are our little sillies.  Happy Halloween!