Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture Tuesday

Tate, 27 weeks old
Oh, my little boy. Today he tried out the swing for the first time. He seemed mostly indifferent to the whole experience and smiled every once in a while.
Tate and I made a new friend this week. His name is BOB. Bob is our fantastic jogging stroller. We love Bob.
Glenn bought Bob for me when I was in Florida with my family last spring and we haven't used him all summer because we didn't think jogging outside in Houston would be a great plan. We were right. However, back in Austin we've been out with Bob quite a bit and we both agree he is great!
We have a busy weekend coming up. Glenn and I are going to Wicked on Thursday night. Glenn got me tickets for my birthday. We're so excited to go on a real date! And then we fly out to Utah again on Friday morning. Then on Sunday Glenn drives down to Southern Utah/Northern Arizona where he is doing his field research for his thesis for several weeks. Tate and I are staying with my fam and hoping he can come up to see us on at least some weekends. It's a crazy life we live.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bye bye Houston

Well, we're moving back to Austin tomorrow. I'm excited to move on to the next phase of our lives, and at the same time it's sort of sad to leave this one. It's been a rough summer in some ways but I've learned a lot. Here's a little list to help me remember the things I've learned from this Houston test run:
-It's important and absolutely always possible to find the sunshine in every situation. Some days were hard. It was often lonely. It was often overwhelming. Driving was an adventure to say the least. Radiation was difficult. It was quite hot. But there was a lot more good than bad. Some days I just have to find it.
-Here's something I'm pretty embarrassed to admit, even to myself. This summer was the longest stretch in my life when I have exercised every day. Yeah, I'm actually that bad. We have a gym in our apartment complex here and I have been able to just take Tate in the stroller and park him next to a machine while I work out every morning. It's been so convenient that I just don't have a valid excuse to not work out...so I do. I've been to the gym every weekday, sometimes twice a day. I learned that I feel so much better. I'm happier, feel better about my body, and less stressed out. Yes, I know this is not news to anyone who has no problem exercising every day and knows how it feels to be in great shape, but that's never been me. Now I know how good it feels. I still can't quite say I enjoy exercising, but I enjoy how I feel when I'm done. I've lost a little weight, but more importantly, I feel better about myself. I won't embarrass myself more by saying what I do or how long I spend, but it really doesn't take much and being consistent and trying to challenge myself has really been great. Now I just have to find ways to keep it up when I move around and don't have a gym down the hall that I can bring my baby to! Oh man, the laziness of me will be tested.
- There are always adventures to be found and places to be explored. I've really enjoyed taking the initiative to explore Houston. To get out, be active, and find things to do. I've also learned that there are always things to do that cost little or no money.
- My husband and my son are the best. All I need is a squeeze or a little smile and I feel like the most beautiful, important girl in the world. Well maybe not the most beautiful and important...but it sure brightens my day!
- Prayers are answered. I'm always watched over and taken care of. And not just by my sweetheart.
Now it's on to the next adventure. I never thought at the beginning of this summer that I'd be sad to leave at all, but I am sort of sad to leave this chapter of our lives behind. It's been fun. It's been hard. And now we're moving on. Thanks Houston, it's been a good time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

6 Months and Birthday Weekend

Tate at 26 weeks old.
I love how little his face looks in is dad's arms. Tate turned 6 MONTHS OLD yesterday. Oh my goodness where has the time gone. I feel like being a parent makes time go faster. I just don't feel like he should be 6 months old yet. Such a sweet little kid. He's a very good sport for all of our family adventures. Lots of long drives, sporting events, flights, and other general craziness. He's a very good sport.
This weekend was a long weekend for Glenn so we took off on Thursday after work and went up to Austin. Glenn wanted to have his birthday dinner at Pappadeaux's so we met up with the Cluffs for some yummy Cajun seafood goodness. Here's Glenn with his birthday Alligator. Mmmm. I tried some. Not at all bad tasting. I just wouldn't eat bunches of it for the pure fact that I would know I was eating alligator. Thanks so much for celebrating with us Cluffs!
We had a great weekend of running errands, relaxing, being at our home in Austin, and of course another Red Sox game. Glenn found out that the Red Sox were playing the Texas Rangers on his birthday weekend so that's what he requested for his birthday present. On Saturday we drove up to Dallas and had a couple of hours before the game so we went to the Texas book depository. It's the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. The whole sixth floor is a museum that sort of sets up the social and political context of the time and tells the story of JFK's assassination and the events following. You go through the exhibit and read and see pictures and videos about his election, policies, family, etc. Then you get to the day he was assassinated and you reach this corner of the room and the window he was shot from. They have it set up exactly as it was the day he was shot. Out the windows you can see exes on the street below where the car was when it was shot at three different times. Powerful stuff. I learned a lot. I know I learned about the 60's in some history class years and years ago but it was neat to make connections to JFK and the many things that happened during his short presidency. It sure was a crazy time for our country. It was a really neat experience and I'm so glad we went.
Then we were off to the game. Ranger's stadium is amazing. Huge and modern, the antithesis of Fenway. Very cool experience. The Red Sox lost again. Glenn is ignoring the fact that they've lost both times we've been to watch their games. Pure coincidence, I'm sure. After the game we drove back to Austin and got home at 2am. We were all exhausted. Poor Tate didn't know what to do with himself when we woke him up to get him out of his car seat. The "I'm so tired I don't even know what to do" cry and hysteria are tragically funny.
Happy Birthday honey. Thanks for the wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big 2-7

Conversation this morning:
Kim: Happy 27th Birthday Honey!
Glenn: Ooo don't say that.
Kim: What?
Glenn: Don't say how old I am.
Kim: Oh you're not going to be one of those people who hates their birthdays because it means they're getting older are you? It's so fun to have a day all about you!
Glenn: Oh no, I'm all about my birthday. I just don't want to hear the numbers anymore.
Oh my honey. You're far from old. We figured out last night that we have known each other for seven and a half of Glenn's 27 years. And I can't speak for him, but they've certainly been the best and most fun 7 and a half years of my life. I love you my dear. Thanks for the back rubs, late night laughing fits, fun trips, new adventures, lots of love and patience, and of course, for being the very best dad to our little boy. I love you. Happy Glenn is awesome day! Report of our weekend of Glenn to come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picture Tuesday!

Tate at 24 weeks old
Tate sure loves the water. We have these little fountains in our apartment pool that he loves. Wherever we are he twists around so he can just look at them and when he gets close he loves to stick his hands in. It splashes all up in his face and he gets all flustered like he doesn't understand how that happened, then he dives back in again.
And 25 weeks old.
I let him snuggle Rosie today. She loves getting close to him when he's on the ground or in his bumbo chair. At least until he grabs her fur or face. Rosie got too close this time and Tate grabbed both of her cheeks and tried to pull her in to his mouth. Everything else goes into his mouth so he can figure it out...why not Rosie? I think it's pretty funny. Rosie is less amused. When Tate gets a good handful of her she just whines and leans away trying to loosen his grip. She's hasn't nipped at him once. Sweet little dog. She just loves our little boy. Maybe because he always tastes like milk.
I thought this was cute. Rosie came over and layed down in front of him to get her tummy scratched. Tate couldn't reach. She was disappointed.
My boy is growing up. Sometimes I look at him and he looks like a little boy instead of my little baby. Then he gets upset and pouts with his bottom lip sticking out and I remember that he's still pretty little. He's rolling all over the place now. I put him in his little play gym and turn around and he's half way across the room. Six months old next week. It's going so fast!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shakespeare! Huzzah!

The ladies in the Hansen fam have a long standing tradition of seeing all of the plays at the Shakespearean festival in Cedar City every August. I was thrilled to have another year of great plays, and even greater company. Things were a little different this year. We added two babies, two new ladies and were minus one Mallory. Camarie and Mckenzie came for the first time this year and Cody and Adam came along as well to watch the babes in the hotel room while we went to two plays each day. The boys were very good sports and it was nice to leave the babes for a little bit. I really enjoyed the break and felt like I was missing a limb everywhere I went. I'm so unused to being anywhere without Tate.
The plays were wonderful. I'd forgotten how much I love to see plays. I love looking at the sets, the costumes, and thinking about the director's concepts, lighting and sound and acting choices. I just forgot how much I miss and love watching theatre. This year we saw, "Private Lives", "The Secret Garden", "Foxfire", "Henry V", "Comedy of Errors", and "As You Like It".
Little miss Mya has grown up so much. She's so animated and has an expression and big reaction to everything she sees or touches or hears. She started doing this funny strained face when she touched ice and her whole body would flex really tight. We made her do it all night. Oh my cute little niece.
We ate out, went for walks and just sat in the hotel rooms and talked. It was great to catch up with everyone. I feel so out of touch and behind the times living away. Thanks again mom for a wonderful trip!
Tate and I were able to spend the rest of the week in Utah with my fam. Tate spent time this week reconnecting with Nanna, Grampa, and of course Auntie Kenzie. Kenzie sure can make him laugh. There were several times when he was grumpy and fussy and Kenzie would come pick him up and would have him smiling, cooing, and laughing in no time. It was so sweet. They're good buddies already. It's so nice that our little guy has Aunties and Uncles who love him so much.
Dad found a new rappelling spot up AF canyon and took us up on Saturday. We had a great time rappelling all afternoon. It was Mckenzie's first time and she was a little nervous at first. She went down with mom, dad, and I the first few times and then wanted to keep going down by herself. She was very brave. I'd forgotten how much I like rappelling. That first little "Oh jeez I could die right now" as you step over the edge of the cliff, and then flying down the rock as you hop down the cliff. So much fun. It was a great new spot and a really fun afternoon.
Remove Formatting from selectionTate had a good time hanging out in the front pack with his Nanna. It was his first trip to the canyon. These are mountains Tate. Aren't they beautiful?We sure missed our Glenn all week. He had to stay back in Houston at work. He gave his final presentation this week and did really well. We should know in a few weeks or so if they want to offer him a job next year after he's done with school. Only two more weeks of his internship, then it's off to the next big adventure. Thanks fam dears for the wonderful trip back home!