Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 5

Picture Wednesday, Finn at 5 weeks old.
We captured one of his funny little grins today.
Never looks as cute in a picture but I think my little baby's smiles are so beautiful. I'll work pretty hard making a myself look completely silly just to get a goofy little grin from my babe.
This week Finn is suddenly not a newborn anymore. I really don't love it and I love it so much at the very same time. Suddenly he's this darling, big, squishy baby instead of a tiny, fragile one. What happened and how did I miss it?
This week's been a rough one for me health-wise. I've had a pretty nasty migraine since just after Finn was born and this week it's gotten worse. And I'm fed up. I finally went to the doctor last week, got some meds that didn't work for me. I tried a bunch of other things too. Basically it's a stressful time, I'm not getting much sleep, and my hormones are out of whack. I suppose, for me, that equals a constant headache. Awesome. Before this week I just hoped that it would go away eventually. But now I'm tired of it. I want to exercise, play hard with my little boy, clean up around my house but everything just hurts too much. I'm ornery that I'm missing so much time with my rapidly sprouting kids, and our rapidly disappearing time in this house, and with the people here because I'm not feeling well.
My poor honey has been a trooper. He even stayed home from work today and helped get the house ready to list. He did a ton of cleaning, straightening, and yard work all day and then the Realtor came to take pictures. And now, our house is on the market. My beautiful house that I thought we'd live in for much, much longer than 10 months, is on the market again. It's cleaner and neater than it's looked since we've lived here and now that it looks fantastic, we're out of here. Oh well, that's life. I can mourn the loss of my lovely home, but it won't do any good so I'm trying not to get too upset about it. As my dad said once when I told him how I felt about my house, "Your house doesn't have any feelings for you. It doesn't care who lives in it!" True dad. On to the next, I suppose.
My doctor's calling in a new prescription tonight for my headache. I'm sure I'll find something to help soon. A blessing I was given recently said I would, so I'm sure I will. Let's hope for a better next week!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Picture Wednesday

This week's picture is a bit late due to some computer issues, but here it is! Finn at four weeks old.
Had to throw a crying picture in there too because I still think he's darling even when he's ticked. As you can see he's wasting no time increasing his cheek and chin surface area in order to give us more to kiss. he's very thoughtful that way.
This week he's started giving us just a few little smiles. Tate got one yesterday for the first time and his response was, "Mom, I think that means he loves me!" Yep, I'm positive that's what it means, Tate.
Finn is giving us a bit of a run for our money sleep-wise. Sometimes he'll sleep for 3 hours in between feedings at night. Sometimes he'll take a while to go back to sleep after a feeding. Sometimes he'll wake up an hour early for a feeding. But he's otherwise a wonderful baby.
Glenn was in Denver for 3 days this week for work and we all survived around here. It was much harder without any help in the evenings or at night, but we survived. Tate missed his daddy a lot. A couple times he woke up from his nap and asked for Daddy. One evening at dinner he said, "I hear something. Someone's coming! Is it Daddy?!" No buddy, sorry. Remember, Daddy's in Denver on a trip. "I think I want to go to Denver too." Yeah, wherever Daddy is must be much more fun, right?
We're very glad he's back and won't be leaving us again before we move.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This guy...

is just plain awesome.
Well, they're both awesome, but right now I'm referring to the older of the two guys. My sweetheart, my boys' daddy, the geologist, the athlete, and all around awesomeness personified.
We are very blessed that Glenn has a GREAT job right now. And in addition to that, he happens to love his job. And even better, his job happens to love him back. It's basically a dream situation in the current economy.
Glenn had a very flattering review a couple months ago in which his boss told him that he refers to Glenn as "the easy button". He trusts that he can send Glenn into any situation and Glenn will do an awesome job with very little supervision required. He's also great with people. He makes them feel comfortable, heard, and valued and it's a skill that a lot of science-minded people don't necessarily possess. So when his supervisor started to plan for some re-structuring in the company and had to choose a few people to bring with him to work in the Denver office, he chose Glenn.
Less than 3 weeks before Finn was born Glenn got a phone call wondering, "Would you consider moving to Denver?" Less than a week before Finn was born we got the official offer, considered it, and decided it was a good move for our family. So, there you have it. We're off to Denver in a few weeks. The timing is not ideal. We just had a baby. We just bought a house and will have been in it for less than a year when we hit the road. But we've always thought, of all the places we could live where Glenn could do his work, Denver is the place we hoped to end up. We're getting there much sooner than we expected, but there's nothing wrong with that!

Because the timing has been less than ideal, I haven't been able to really wrap my head around it. There was a new baby and then there was some recovery and adjustments to figure out and I really didn't want to talk or think about it for a while. I'm starting to get excited about it now. It's a lot to deal with at once, but it will mean great things for our family so we'll figure it out. Glenn's company is amazing and are taking really good care of us. The move is going to be relatively pain free, which is exactly the type of move I can handle right now.
I'll have to devote an entirely other post to my feelings about moving, but for now, I just want to record how proud I am of my sweetheart. He's amazing at what he does, takes great care of the boys and I, and I love him to pieces. Here's to another great adventure! Yee-haw!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was a blur. It came and went so fast and I'm still reeling from its' passing and sad that it's over. I'm not sure how much Tate actually "got" this year about Santa Claus, but he certainly understood more than last year. We did a little Christmas story advent and opened a new book each night for our bed time story. He loved hearing all the new stories and I think they helped him understand Christmas more than anything else we did.
Christmas Eve we made Christmas cookies for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer. It was all so much fun.
Christmas morning he slept in until 9:30. It was awesome. It would have been more awesome if Finn had slept in too...but awesome none the less.
He ran right to his new marble ramp and started playing.
Eventually he got to his stocking which held the greatest treasures of the day: fun new cars. He got a bunch of new little cars that fit on his train table track. A new tiny dump truck, cement truck, and steam roller and such and we could have just stopped there. He could have played all day with those and not opened another thing.
Eventually we got him to open some of his other presents. A trumpet from Nanna. A new drum, which could only be played while marching of course.
We even had a little parade at one point, marching behind Tate around the house. Santa also brought Tate a big wheel bike. He's still figuring out how to ride and steer it.
Tate was absolutely spoiled beyond belief by his family from afar. Lots of new movies, an awesome remote control car (which he spent a good part of the day chasing around our house in circles), a cool Thomas flashlight, darling new clothes. It was incredible.
It was hard being so far away from family on Christmas this year. It was a bit lonely, especially in my sleep-deprived, hyper-emotional, four days postpartum state. We kept it pretty low-key. We got on skype with my family and called some of Glenn's. We spent most of the day watching Tate go from new toy to new toy and just having an absolute blast.
He was so happy and so entertained by all his new things and it was fun to watch him be so excited all day. We couldn't even get him to finish opening all his presents so a few of them went back in the closet for his birthday.
This was a Christmas we'll never forget, that's for sure. I can only imagine that next year will be even more fun with two littles and Tate a bit older. Christmas might be my favorite day to be a parent. It was awesome to watch Tate enjoy all the magic.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Battered boy and Week 3

Nanna is gone one day and look what happens around here.
Poor kiddo. First he was chasing a balloon around the living room, tripped over his new tricycle and smacked his forehead into the sharp edge of the entertainment center. Luckily it didn't split open. Just made a big dent which turned into a big bump.
Then he was playing hide and seek with Daddy and ran into the dark closet and smacked into the laundry basket with his eye. See Nanna, you shouldn't have left.

Little Finn, on the other hand, has survived 3 weeks with us relatively unscathed. Three weeks. That blows my mind. Thus far he's a very good little baby. He goes 3 hours between feedings, even at night...which will hopefully stretch out a bit soon. He has much more awake and alert time than I remember Tate having at this age. He spends a lot of time with his little eyes wide open and looking around. He knows our voices and especially loves Glenn's and Tate's. His little eyes open big and he looks around and tries to find them whenever he hears them. It's sweet.
Here's the little man, three weeks old.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sad Day

It's a sad, sad day when Nanna goes home. Quotes from Tate yesterday:
- After we told Tate we were taking Nanna to the airport. "Nanna, I don't want you to go to Utah."
- After we got back from the airport I put Tate down for his nap and when I finished reading to him and was leaving the room he said, "Can Nanna come in now?"
Sorry dude. All good things must come to an end.
This week with Nanna was so wonderful. She is an incredible mother and grandmother and we love her to pieces. She took very good care of us all this week. She took Tate on walks, to the park, the pet store, the library, the zoo. They spent hours playing with toys, reading books, and snuggling on the couch. She put Tate to bed every day for naps and bed time. She helped with the boys baths and getting them dressed and fed. She helped the boys and I get out of the house and made sure I didn't do too much. She cleaned, did endless loads of laundry, made sure we were all fed, and stayed up with little Finn when he was inconsolable at night. She watched the boys while Glenn and I escaped to see movies, TWICE. She completely took over while I rested up and started to feel better.
She was super woman this week and we were sad to see her go!
I love my mom. And it's amazing how I love her on a whole new level when I see her love my kids. She played hard with Tate all week long and it was just the greatest thing to watch my little boy adore his Nanna. It made me realize again how much we miss by living so far away.
So why did no one warn me that time speeds up even more every time you have a baby? Hmmm? These past few weeks have just flown. I thought Tate grew up fast but this is just nuts. I've thoroughly enjoyed my "fun time" having Glenn home for a week and then having Nanna come for more than a week was just plain bliss. It seems like I blinked and three weeks just disappeared and now I have two sons. I feel like it's been a constant party hanging out with my honey and my mom for such a long time and now it's time to figure out how my new reality is going to work. It's been a juggling act today but it wasn't as hard as I thought. It helps of course, that Glenn doesn't have tons to do at work this week and is able to come home early. It also helps that my husband is amazing and a huge help any time he's around. We'll get this all figured out.
In the mean time I have some very sweet memories of the past 2 weeks to look back on. Sweet moments with my mom. Long conversations, good food, and priceless play time with my two little boys and their Nanna.
Thanks so much for coming Nanna. We miss you already!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture Wednesday

It's been a wonderful week. It's gone very fast. Glenn just went back to work on Tuesday. My mom came last Friday and is staying until next Monday. We've had a lot of fun and a lot of help around here and I'm very grateful for every bit of it. Every time I think about my mom leaving and all of the other upcoming changes around here I just have to make myself think about something else. Can't fathom it. Not yet. I was hoping that my speedy labor and delivery would mean for a speedy recovery too. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works. Same process. Same recovery. It's slow and I'm tired, but we'll get back to normal eventually. And until then, we'll enjoy the slower pace.

Here are a few highlights from the week with our two boys and wonderful visitor:
1. Tate asking for Nanna to read to him before his nap and not me. For the most part he's being sweet to his Nanna and loving his time with her, which I love to see. We haven't seen Nanna for 6 months so I'm glad he's loving having her here as much as I am. It's really fun to watch them play.
2. Finn is a happy eater. He makes the sweetest squeaky noises while he's nursing. It's hilarious and LOUD. It's like a little "grunt-squeak-grunt-squeak-grunt-squeak" as he breathes in and out. It's darling.
3. Lots of afternoon naps had by all! Oh how I love these.
4. We went to dinner a couple nights ago and all of a sudden Tate started yelling "Finn. FIIIINNNNN" Like he was calling him hoping Finn would answer and tell Tate where he was. Finn was just in the car seat at the other end of the table, but for a second there big brother was very worried when he couldn't see his little buddy.
5. A trip to the zoo. Finn and I stayed home. Glenn, Tate, and Nanna ventured to the zoo and even fed the giraffes.
6. Lots of snuggles with these two.
Tate has yet to feel anything but warm and fuzzy for his little brother which is splendid.
Generally tired but loving life with help while I've got it.
Finn had his first doctor's appointment today. At 2 weeks old he's gained his birth weight and then some. Now he weighs 8lb. 15 oz. That's what Tate weighed when he was born. He's a healthy and happy boy and none of us can get enough snuggle time with little Finn.
Little Finn, 2 weeks old.