Thursday, October 27, 2011


A couple weeks ago my dad flew in for a very quick and unexpected business trip. He stayed pretty busy, but we were able to steal him for a bit of play time too. The night he got here Tate went absolutely nuts. He brought Grampa up to the toy room before we could even show him the house and started showing him all of his toys, climbing all over him, and got upset when Glenn and I wanted to join in the fun. He pushed us out of the room and said, "Could you two please just go out?" He wanted time alone with just he and Grampa. It was sweet see him that excited about his special visitor.

That night our neighborhood was having a little shindig so we went to check it out. A little train ride, real horses, lots of free toys and a bounce house. Little Tate, who was already incredibly hyper, was in heaven.The last fun outing we had with Grampa was a few days later. He went with us to the zoo. When the idea was proposed Tate said, "Mom, Grampa and Tate will go to the zoo and you can just stay home." Ah, thanks buddy. But I ended up going as well. Tate was a bit grumpy that day and not super enthused about anything, but he did get to show Grampa the drums. Oddly enough, still his favorite part of the zoo.Tate thought Grampa was just the coolest. They played hide and seek every day. That never got old, even though Tate clearly doesn't quite understand all of the "rules" yet.

Little man also had a lot of special bed time stories from Grampa, including one interesting story he had to make up because it was all pictures and no words. Then there was a lot of snuggling time on the couch and a few tears when he learned Grampa wasn't going to be around in the morning. It was precious. I haven't been able to watch these two play together for a really long time. The last few visits we've made to Utah have been at times when Grampa was either super busy or out of town so they haven't played much for...a really long time. It was heaven to see my little guy absolutely adore and play with his Grampa. Thanks for the visit Grampa. We love you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little Chaplin

My thoughtful husband came home from work last Friday with a great plan. He'd heard about a showing of some Charlie Chaplin shorts at a cool park downtown with live piano accompaniment. "Yes, please!" I said. And right after piano lessons, we packed some sandwiches and drove down. We got there early, staked out a spot and walked around a little bit. Tate loved walking by the little pond with huge fish in it, running up and down the grassy hill, and having dad swing him around.
Discovery Green is a great park right in the middle of downtown. They had a stage set up with a grand piano next to a big screen. A fun atmosphere for a good outside movie. Luckily the weather was perfect! Starting to cool off just enough to be refreshing.
Before the movies started they had a "walk like the tramp" contest where the pianist played music and kids tried to walk around the stage in big shoes with a hat and a cane. A fun just went on a bit too long.
We weren't sure how Tate would like the silent films, but he loved it. As soon as the movies started he was absolutely riveted. The live accompaniment was very cool. I was fascinated with how she could play music that matched the mood and action of the movie exactly in time. What if she took certain parts too fast or too slow? The whole rest of the score would be off and she wouldn't end with the film. It was really impressive. We watched "The Tramp" and "The Immigrant", and by then it was late and time to go. Tate was very sad. He kept saying, "I want to stay! I want to stay!"
A very fun, and free evening out! Thanks honey!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I have a friend...

This past week we stayed with some friends in Austin for 5 days. It was wonderful. They were so accommodating and fun to play with. We even fit in a double date! Glenn had to do some recruiting at UT for work, so my friend and I played for days and I learned/was reminded of a couple of things:
- I remembered what it feels like to be around my dear friend. The almost feels like family kind of friend. The kind of friend who would drop everything to help you if you needed it, AND you wouldn't feel the least bit guilty about it because she'd be entirely willing and genuinely grateful for the chance to be of help. I miss that. I have a hard time feeling that close to people for some reason. A lot of it probably has to do with feeling guilty when I need help. I feel like I need to be able to return favors and feel needed in return in order to somehow justify the times when I need help. Some people just don't need me like that. They have other good friends, or family close by, or they're just really independent. The guilt is a big part of it. I know it's dumb. I'm working on that. But I realized how much I miss having her close by.

- This friend makes me want to be better. I left her home with my mind (and planner) filled with ideas about how to be a better neighbor, friend, member of the church. She struggles with feeling lonely sometimes as well, and yet, she's determined to make the most of every opportunity to serve and fellowship. Something as simple as a Halloween treat swap becomes an opportunity to fellowship and reach out to those in the ward who might get left out because they're not in any "group". She's pretty cool that way.

Basically, I feel refreshed from the break and inspired to do better and try harder. And at the same time, I miss her today.

So thanks for the reminders, my friend.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Sunday

Glenn's out of town this weekend. It's a real bummer being without him, but we try to stay busy and make the most of it. Sunday morning we went to the park. It was a beautiful morning. It's started to cool off a little in the mornings and I just keep holding my breath and soaking it in, sure that it's a joke and the heat will return tomorrow or next week.
Tate had a blast and I took a lot of pictures. Little man is so much fun right now. I'm loving every minute of him. He has very few grouchy days. He has grouchy mornings or afternoons occasionally, but for the most part he's been very pleasant lately and just plain fun to be around. He's constantly pretending to be different animals, talking all the time, and says the sweetest things. He does a lot of narrating what he's doing and it's pretty funny.
Tate calls these "music notes". I guess they look a little like music notes."Mom, I'm standing on this music note. I'm being VERY careful."

"Mom, look at me! I'm a rangatang! Oo oo oo ah ah ah"

"Mom, can you find me two drum sticks to play these drums?"

Sometimes being a mom is tiring and I worry about little boy #2. Okay, so fairly often I wonder and worry what having 2 will be like. Am I ready? Is there any way to be ready? Will Tate adjust well? Will he still know that I love him to pieces? Am I going to feel like a terrible mom while trying to pull it together and figure it all out, knowing full well that the process took a good long time last time? Then he smiles and laughs like this

And I'm reminded that worrying will only get me so where, that is. And I just enjoy this time with this little face.

Tate has a Nanna who loves (read: spoils) him and sent him a few instruments as potty training motivation. The drums are a big hit. They all are, actually. There should be videos. I'll get on that. He spent a good deal of conference giving the prophet, apostles, and the MoTab some accompaniment on the drums.

"Mom, look at me, I'm a walrus!"

"I'm giving my drum set a BIG hug!"

And for those who requested an underpants picture, here you are. Seriously, how darling are tiny little underpants buns? Love it. Potty training is still going strong. Most days if I pay close attention and keep reminding him he can be dry all day. He lasts most nights and naps too. Every once in a while we have a bad day but he is really trying. Sweet little guy.