Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Picture Wednesday and Recent Happenings

Little Finn, 18 weeks old.  
Here's little kiddo in one of my favorite of Tate's baby outfits.  Unfortunately, this is the second and probably final time we'll inflict this outfit on Finnster.  It's quite snug. 
 Finn had his 4 month appointment this morning.  He now weighs a whopping 16 lbs. 12 oz which puts him in the 80th percentile.  He's 25.5 inches long which puts him in the 70th for height.  He's started to roll in both directions this week. He's only done it a few times, and seems kind of confused every time he does like he's not sure what just happened, but he's getting there.

Here's a little catch up of some fun stuff in the last month.  A few weeks ago it snowed.  Literally, it snowed 4ish inches on Tuesday and it was 70 degrees and we were getting sun burned at the zoo on Thursday.  I love this Colorado weather.  Tate has been very hesitant about snow.  He's only seen it a few times and probably none that he would remember, before we moved here.  The first time we saw it at Aunt Nancy's house he approached a flower pot full of snow and bent over to sniff it but wouldn't even touch it with his finger.
So that morning when we saw all the snow outside I asked Tate if he wanted to go out with me and build a snowman. His reply was, "No, no, no.  Actually, no.  If I go in the snow then my feet will be cold and I will cry like this, 'Waaaaa Waaaaa.'"  Ah yes.  Okay, then we'll wait for Glenn to get home.
Luckily, when Glenn got home he was willing to get suited up and jump right in.  They went out and played for a while.  Throwing snowballs, making a snowman (which Tate promptly knocked over and stomped on).  He loved it once he was all bundled up.  I'm glad he toughened up long enough to realize how fun it is!

 Our other recent outing was to take Tate bowling.  We found a super cheap bowling place and took Tate when Glenn had Good Friday off of work.  He loved it.  He'd give the ball a big, enthusiastic push down the ramp,
 and then crouch down to watch it roll all the way down the lane.
 It was really fun.  We went a couple times that week because it was so cheap.  We might have worn it out though.  We went bowling when Nana and Grandpa were here to visit and he wasn't nearly as excited about it.
In other news, the boys and I are headed to Utah next week for Mal's graduation.  I'm glad we're going so we'll be able to see her briefly before she takes off.  She leaves to spend the summer in Uganda just three days after she graduates.  It still hasn't registered that for four long months I won't be able to have my usual long weekly chat with her.  I don't really want to think about it.  I'm kind of already mourning the loss of our chats.  She has such great insight into every problem and really wants to listen to me drone on about our goings-on around here.  It's so nice to talk to her any time but especially now when I don't have tons of buddies to chat with here yet.  She's great, and being close to her makes me a better person.  For example, on Sunday I got an appointment to meet with the Bishop next week regarding a calling.  I'm really glad it's taken them a bit to get around to giving me a calling as my emotional state has been a bit precarious post-baby, but I think I've got a better handle on it now and while I do feel ready to serve, I immediately started complaining in my mind and worrying about what I would be asked to do.  And then the very next day I read this post and realized that I am a dummy for complaining about having a calling.  I have so much and am blessed to have the ability to serve a calling.  Thanks for the pride check, Mal.

And one more thing: I just need to record the wonderfulness that is my sweetheart once in a while.  On Saturday I told Glenn I wanted to do some shopping and wandering by myself so he took the kiddos home, got them fed and put to bed for naps, and by the time I got home he had also cleaned all the bathrooms, which happens to be my very least favorite chore.  It was simply wonderful.  Thanks honey.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Picture Wednesday...late again.

Here's the Finnster at 17 weeks old.
He's such a sweetie.  Big boy rolled over for the first time yesterday from his back to his tummy!  It was very exciting.  I forgot how exciting every little thing can be when my babes learn them for the first time.  It's all so much fun.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter and some visitors!

Easter festivities began with an egg hunt at Aunt Nancy's house. She does one every year for her whole neighborhood and like most things the Garvins do, it was awesome. They have different hunts for different ages and even prizes for finding the sparkly eggs. It was super fun. Here are Tate and Glenn strategizing before the starting whistle.
Tate thought it was magical finding eggs everywhere, which he knew contained goodies. It was so much more fun this year!
Uncle Steve was the hunt official. He walked around waving his flag at kiddos and pointing out egg stashes that had been missed. Hilarious.
So glad we live by the Garvins now. They are hilarious and so sweet to include us and take care of us. Especially on holidays!
Easter morning Tate got a few surprises from the main Bunny.
A little kite, a car magnet game for church, and of course Pez. He was very intrigued by this little thing. I let him have it, showed him how the candy came out, and walked out of the room for maybe a minute to do something and by the time I came back he'd eaten the whole thing and wanted it refilled.
Sunday night late Nana, Grampa and Kenzie came to visit us. We let the kiddos stay up late to meet them and Tate was so wound up and excited they were here. We had a wonderful visit for almost an entire week which, I unfortunately got very few pictures of because I forgot to bring my camera on most of our outings. Who's the dummy now? That would be me.
We had a great time together. We took a walk/jog every morning around my neighborhood and complained about the hills together, we had lunches out, we went to the aquarium where we all took turns feeding the stingrays....or at least tossing them some fish when we got a little too nervous. We took long drives, talked a lot, ate a lot, and just enjoyed each other. I sure love my family. I'm glad we live a little closer now. Within driving distance for a long weekend and much cheaper flights too.
On Wednesday night we went to Wicked. Aunt Nancy watched the boys for us (THANKS AGAIN NANCY!) and we met Glenn for dinner downtown before he caught a flight to Houston for a few days, and then Mom, Dad, Kenz and I went over to the theatre.
It was Kenzie's first time seeing a broadway show and I'm glad I got to be there. It was wonderful. Mom and I agreed that it probably wasn't the best cast we've seen, but very good nonetheless. The music, the voices, the sets, the message about being a good influence and leaving people and the world better because you've lived (at least that's what I take from it) it's all so good. I'm glad that we were able to see it together.
Our week together went so fast, as fun things always do. Tate was bummed when he knew they were going to leave. The night before they left he was starting to figure out it was coming and walked around saying, "Nanna, and Grampa, and Kenzie are going to go back to Utah." I'm glad he loves being with them. This time he seemed to have a soft spot for Grampa. Grampa got a lot of snuggles.
Grampa would tell him made up stories about animals every night before bed. Tate would get to choose which animals and what their names would be and then the next morning Tate would repeat the stories to us. He thought it was the coolest thing to have his very own stories. Listening to Dad tell Tate stories and Mom sing him bed time songs just made my heart smile. It's like Tate was getting a glimpse of my childhood. And it was a good one.
He also discovered a new game called "scissor fish" where Grampa catches Tate with his legs (the "scissor fish") and Tate screams and tries to get away. It was funny to watch.
Wish I had more pictures, but luckily, we'll see them again soon. Thanks for visiting you guys! Come again! Any time!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Wednesday

Little Finn, 16 weeks old.
Little babe is so sweet lately. He smiles at anyone who makes eye contact at him and, with those big squishy cheeks, his smiles just fill his whole face. It's darling. His giggles are a little harder to come by. You have to catch him in the right mood or work pretty hard making an idiot of yourself to crack him up really good. He rarely cries without cause lately. Every once in a while he gets mad for no apparent reason, but most of the time it's only because he has a need and once you meet it, he's all smiles and sunshine again. It's wonderful. He keeps on growing even though I've asked him nicely to stop. He's growing out of clothes left and right and is much bigger than Tate was at his age. His little squishy thighs are my personal favorite, but his wrist creases and kissable cheeks are delicious as well. I'm excited for his 4 month appointment in a couple weeks to see where he's at. He's a great baby and we love him to pieces.
We had a busy week with Nana, Grampa and Kenzie visiting us during Kenz's spring break. I have so much catching up to do but it will have to wait for another nap time break! They just left this morning and we miss them already. It's way too quiet around here.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picture Wednesday and little brothers

Picture Wednesday, Finn at 15 weeks old.
I took some pictures of the boys a few weeks ago and came across them again today. I just love that they're both making silly faces in a few, and both making sweet faces in a few. At least they work well together.
Yep, I'm a pretty lucky lady to be able to spend my days with these two sillies.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Just a few videos of my two cuties lately.
This is what Tate does when we take pictures of him.
Tate-o singing in his room the other night.
Finn's first giggles. It sounds like he's starting to cry, but he's happy, I swear.