Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boutique Fun and Picture Tuesday

Aubry, Kenz and I had a good time at the boutique this past weekend. It was an outdoor boutique in a lady's back yard garden. We didn't have to be there all day because they had a central check out stand so most of the vendors just left their booths during the day and then cleaned them up at night. It was the perfect set-up for two moms with young babes. We didn't end up selling very much. We made our booth fee back and everything but it wasn't a very busy boutique. I'm still so glad we did it. It was fun to have a goal to work towards while I'm here. I also really enjoyed sitting at the booth for a couple of hours each evening and just chatting with Aubry, advising Kenzie on what purchases she should and shouldn't make, and wandering around looking at the other booths. We have some super cute stuff if I do say so myself! And it looks even cuter all hung up and laid out so prettily. Aub and I realized we didn't get a picture of both of us in front of our little booth right after we finished taking everything down. Oh well, we'll remember next time. Thanks Aubs for doing this with me. I had a great time!
Here's Picture Tuesday for the week. Bath time is much more exciting these days. I end up pretty wet from the waist up if I let him sit and play for a bit because he is quite the splasher.
Tate at 32 weeks old.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving Forward

Tate's picked up a funny little crawl over just the past few days. He's been trying to figure it out for a little while but it just clicked a few days ago and now he's really movin'. He
first started the forward motion when we put him in front of the mirror and he'd scoot toward his little friend in the mirror. Then he discovered the door stop next to the mirror which is even more exciting! Sad that Glenn's not here to witness the first awkward crawling movements so I thought I'd post video for him to see. My little mover.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Hair

I borrowed this great wig from the high school to use for one of my Shakespeare scenes. I decided to try it on Tate. He wasn't quite sure what to do about it. It was funny to watch. He didn't cry, try to touch it, or move much. He just held really still like if he ignored it it might go away. I got my hair cut yesterday. It's exactly what I wanted her do to but it's taking some getting used to this time. I don't really notice that it's different until I run my fingers through it, walk past a mirror, or try to put it up to go running, which was very unsuccessful). I feel like I don't look like me. I know I'll get used to it. It's not much shorter than last time really, it just feels funny. I guess I just need Glenn to tell me I look pretty. Too bad he's in Texas. Glenn came home last Thursday and then flew to Austin on Friday morning. It's recruiting season at UT and he has a bunch of interviews this week and next week with different companies. Hopefully he'll get a few offers so we have some options for employment next year. We're hoping for a company that at least has an office in Denver because that's where we'd ideally like to end up some day. We'll see. It's wierd being apart for this long and having our only contact be nightly phone conversations. Not my favorite. I miss my honey. I am really enjoying being with my family and sharing my Tatie with them though. It's nice. I miss them in Texas.
Another exciting bit of news is that Aub and I are getting ready for a boutique in Springville this weekend. Hopefully we'll sell a few things. We just really enjoy sewing so it's a fun hobby to keep us busy whether or not we sell a lot of product. We're very excited! www.thecheckeredumbrellaboutique.blogspot.com
Well, here's picture Tuesday for this week. He looks goofy with his tongue stuck out. I guess he likes the way those new teeth feel on his tongue or something because it's always sticking out nowadays. My little sweetie.
Tate at 31 weeks old

Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Boys

Last week at Kenzie's soccer game we put Tate on a blanket on the ground and he quickly drew the attention of the coach's two young boys. They were probably 5 and 6 or around there and they were such funny little brothers. Tate was lying on his tummy looking at them and they took turns getting right in his face. They loved Tate's little hands and feet. They kept touching his hair, his cheeks, feeling his gums for teeth, which I didn't appreciate so much ("Baby do you have teefs? Huh, baby? Let's see."). Then they'd wrestle each other and jump on each other and throw each other to the ground, often reminding Tate to watch, "Watch this baby..." as one brother jumps on the other's back accompanied by a grunt of toughness. Tate was enthralled and didn't take his eyes off of these tough little people. Mom, Aunt Sue, and I busted up laughing when one brother was feeling and squishing Tate's ears and said, "Woah, he's got BIG cartiladge!" Like it was the most amazing discovery he'd ever made. Hilarious. Boys are so different! It was an interesting glimpse into what my little guy will be doing in a few years with a brother or his dad. Whichever.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 months

Tate, 30 weeks old.Well, my little guy is 7 months old tomorrow. That happened way too fast! He's started to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth a bit this week. I keep telling him to stop. He's supposed to stay my little snuggly baby forever and ever... but I don't think that's his plan. The most exciting development with Tate this week is that he slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT last night. I could probably count on one hand the number of times he has slept through the night in his life time. It was wonderful. His sleeping schedule has been all over the place with all of our moves and such. The last month he's been going about an 8 hour stretch from around 8 pm to 4 am and then he'll go back to bed until 7 or 8 am but last night he slept all the way through. It was crazy. I'd started to give up hope that he'd just do it on his own and wondered if I should just be grateful for the 8 hour stretch and stop hoping that he would sleep until I was ready for him to wake up. Or I wondered if I should start letting him cry it out until I was ready for him to wake up because he was just forming a habit of waking up at that time. I was shocked when I woke up to him crying this morning at 7. It would be really nice if he would keep that up. I am trying not to get my hopes up, however. This whole "sleeping through the night thing" is a mess. I'm tired just thinking about it. This week has been filled with more Shakespeare rehearsals, soccer games (all of which Kenz's team has won or tied by the way), two temple trips, swim parties and new dinner attempts. My fam has been really nice to let me try some new recipes for dinners. It's easier with just Glenn and I because Glenn genuinely loves anything and everything and my fam is a little pickier...like me. They've been good sports and I really enjoy cooking lately so it's nice of them to put up with it! We've had a good time in the pool this week too. We're trying to soak in all of the pool time and sunshine that we can before it gets too cool. There's not much warm weather left! I still want to pretend that it's summer. I love summertime, especially at my mom's house when we can go swimming and read books outside in the sunshine every day. I know it's not really summer anymore but I missed being at my mom's pool this summer so I'm ignoring the cold nip in the air in the mornings and pretending that it's still summertime...just for a little bit longer.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teething grumpies

I had auditions and posted the cast for the Shakespeare competition pieces this week. There was a little run-in with the drama teacher about my casting choices...hmmm. We just choose to run the program differently. However, I've decided that Shakespeare is mine. She hired me to do it. She told me she doesn't want to be involved at all. So I'll run it how I please. Ha. Anyway, it will all work out. We just have very different philosopies about certain things, but that's okay. We had our first rehearsal yesterday and it went really well. They are all supposed to be memorized by tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.
Glenn came home for the long weekend. It was so great to see him. We even got to go out on a real date. Thanks Mom and Kenz for watching Tate! It was wonderful. Now he's back in his field area and his professor and a field assistant are coming today to help him for a while.
Turns out there was a reason for Tate's grumpiness. He's had two teeth cut through this week! His bottom right one came in on Thursday and then his bottom left one came in yesterday. His naps and sleeping at night have been messed up and he's just been fussier than usual. He's also been really clingy. I love it and don't love it at the same time. I love that he knows I'm his mom and that when I hold him I can somehow make it better. I don't love that he fusses when I put him down, leave the room, or hand him to someone else. Especially here where there are SO many people who love him and don't get to see him all the time. It's been much better since his teeth have come through so hopefully that was just an ornery teething phase. We'll see.
We've been to a few of Auntie Kenzie's soccer games this week too. She's won all three. I think we're good luck. Tate does well unless it's nap time. Then he gets grumpy and needs his Grampa to hold him like this, to protect his ears from Nanna's yelling so he can go to sleep. Silly boy.
Glenn's gone for a while this time. Two to four weeks depending on some plans that are in the works. It's nice to be around family and to have so much help with Tate. I'm glad I'm here instead of by myself in Texas during weeks of Glenn being away. Hopefully now that those teeth are through Tate will be more like his pleasant self. He does love all the extra attention and toys at Nanna's house.
Tate at 29 weeks old.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extended Vaca

Well, we made it! Glenn, Tate, and I flew in on Friday morning. There were a few complications at the airport but we made it. Then Glenn left to get some work done in his field area on Sunday. He's down there by himself this week getting things ready and his professor and another field assistant are flying in next week to work with him. He's going to be one busy boy. We're so excited to see him this weekend.
Tate and I are keeping busy up here too. The drama teacher who is teaching at AFJH where I used to teach decided she couldn't coach the Shakespeare Competition team this year and she found out through the grapevine that I was going to be here at the right time so she called and asked me to coach them. We had auditions on Monday, callbacks yesterday, and will have our first rehearsal/cast meeting tomorrow. It's going to be a fast and furious process because we only have a month to get ready. Each school can bring 3 monologues, 2 duo or trio scenes, and one big ensemble scene to compete. It's a lot of work but I'm actually really excited to be involved in coaching and directing for a little bit. I sure enjoy it. We'll see how it goes next week when we start rehearsing. The new teacher and I have very different expectations and styles so it may be interesting to see how the students react. Mom and Aunt Sue have been SO great to help watch Tate while I run to the junior high every day. It's great to have help so I feel like I can do this.
Little man has been sort of a grump lately. There's a lot of new to get used to. Lots more people and noise than he's used to, and yet another new place to get used to sleeping are all probably throwing him off. Overall, he's doing pretty well though. He's just a good little boy. It's so great to be around family. I love watching them with Tate. Kenzie can make him laugh no matter how grumpy or tired he is and Grampa can get him to sleep on his chest no matter how over-tired and beside himself he is.
Tate has started making goofy faces with his tongue sticking out. Just the last couple of days it's like every time he smiles or concentrates on something really hard, he sticks his tongue out and curls it over his top lip. He looks like a big goofy lizard.
So here's picture Tuesday for this week. Tate at 28 weeks old.