Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Neighbor Boy

Our interesting neighbor boy, the one we met at our final walk through of our house, has made a habit of bringing our mail to our door. Pretty much every day unless I manage to get to the mailbox before he does, he gets it out of our mailbox and brings it to me at our front door. Always sans shirt (he has many tattoos), and with his basketball shorts sitting quite low. I wish he wouldn't get into our mailbox, but I know he's just trying to be nice...so I'm not sure what to say to him. He usually just hands it to me and says, "here" and walks away as I say "thank you". Glenn is sure that he's a good, nice kid at heart, so I'm trying to give him the benefit of a doubt.

Yesterday Glenn was home and he answered the door when our neighbor brought us our mail. Glenn engaged him in a conversation about Memorial Day. "So, what are you going to do to celebrate today? Barbecue or something special to honor our soldiers?"
He said, "Oh, that's today?"
"Yeah." Glenn said.
"Oh, no. It's probably just smoking pot and drinking for me." Said our neighbor.
Glenn laughed it off and they said goodbye. Dear me. Well, at least he's very honest, right?
Then Glenn looked down and noticed that our sweet neighbor had brought us our own outgoing mail that we had put in the mailbox that morning.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inthtrumenth (instruments with a lisp)

I was given an Ipod for my birthday from my sweetie and a great ihome system from my mom. Tate was having an irrationally whiney morning so we put on a little music to try to cheer him up. He's been really into music and musical instruments lately. I think it's primarily due to watching an episode of Little Einsteins every morning while I shower. They talk about instruments a lot on that show. Lately, marching bands are his favorite part of parades, he picks up sticks at the park and pretends to play the violin, flute, or drums, our pot lids have become cymbals and everything flat is a drum or tympani, and he's started to try to name instruments in the music we're listening to. It's darling.
Anyway, this is the effect my new birthday presents had on little Tate. Pretty sure I'm going to turn on classical music every day from now on. So so funny.

Monday, May 23, 2011


My birthday was yesterday. I turned 28. Glenn knew he would have to be out of town on my actual birthday so he planned some fun things for the few days before.
On Thursday morning he had arranged to drop Tate off with a good friend who was going to watch him all day and night. He took off work, "kidnapped" me, and we went down town. We had a blast, shopping at the galleria, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, went to a movie, browsed at pottery barn and crate and barrel, a cupcake at Sprinkles. Then we checked in at the Hotel Icon where we stayed overnight. It was a really awesome hotel. Glenn did a great job.

He also planned an activity for that evening. He told me the night before that he had planned something. As he put it, "I'm going WAY out on a limb here. I mean, way out on the end of the limb where it bends." I was a little nervous. What if it was terrible? How was I supposed to react well? He told me that he couldn't find anything else going on in the city on a Thursday night, no plays, concerts, or anything that was perfect, so he bought some tickets to the only thing he could find and he said, "It could go two ways: we could be surprised and actually like it, or we could spend a great night completely mocking everything about it." I am pleased to say we had a great night doing the latter. He took me to see Yanni in Concert. Oh my dear. It was hilarious! Not really my style of music or entertainment, but that's exactly what made it so enjoyable. That, and the fact that I was sitting next to Glenn. The lady next to Glenn was just weeping the whole night and would "conduct" along with her favorite songs. Then there was the binocular couple, and intense camera man. Good times.
I was actually really impressed with Yanni's band. There were some killer violinists, a jazz harpist who seriously rocked, and a flugelhorn player who was pretty surprising too. I think it was Yanni's over the top personality that just made it hard for me to think of him as a serious talent. My favorite move was when he would stand in between two synthesizers facing the audience with one hand playing one note over and over (yep, just one), dancing and smiling seductively to the audience, and the other hand was punching the air and strongly pointing to cue his band behind him. It was just so hilarious. It was like he was commanding the universe instead of just standing there flipping his hair, playing one note, while his band played all by themselves in the background. Hilarious. So much punching, pointing, swaying, and hair flipping. It was a great time. One of my favorite moments was when he was trying to talk all seriously about his next song and a man yelled from the audience, "Will you kiss my wife?" Yanni said, "Are you serious? You want me to kiss your wife?" And then he said, okay and the guy brought his wife to the edge of the stage and Yanni kissed her on the mouth. Yuck. Then there were the three encores that the audience didn't really want. Oh we laughed so hard.

It was super fun to spend all day alone with Glenn. We had so much fun. It's great to be able to talk to him all day long and remember how much I like to talk to him all day long. Such a good man I've got.

Then on Saturday he had arranged a little surprise party at our community swimming pool. He made a cake from scratch and had emailed tons of people in the ward who I've even just mentioned before, to come eat cake and swim. It was very sweet.

Yesterday was kinda boring but I wasn't bummed about it because I felt like we spent so much of the last week playing. I went to church and spent time in nursery (Glenn and I were just called as the Sr. Nursery leaders of our ward. Good times.), opened very thoughtful presents from my family, spent time on skype and the phone, played with Tate. It was nice.

I was telling Mallory about my marathon date with Glenn and she said, "You know, if he had just taken you to another movie, five years from now you would never remember what that movie was. But you will never forget the birthday when you went to see Yanni." So true. Thanks everyone for a fun birthday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Play Day

Last week was really busy. Babysitting for a friend all day, errands and stuff around the house. It had been a while since we'd really played or done something fun for Tate. By Thursday Tate and I were ready for a fun play day together. We decided to check out the butterfly center at the science museum downtown. He's been into butterflies lately, thanks to a couple of little einsteins episodes.
First we encountered this cool fountain outside. I'm pretty sure Tate could play in a cool fountain all day long.

Then we headed inside to check out the exhibit. It was super cool. Tate loved that giant caterpillar.And we climbed up some stairs (also a hit) to the big exhibit room where we met some huge bugs: spiders, roaches, grasshoppers and the like.

Tate was fascinated by the big butterflies coming out of all the cocoons. And loved to see the different food that all the different bugs were eating.

Then there were all the buttons to push. He didn't really have to understand what all the buttons were for. There were just so many of them! Kid was in heaven.

And a special thanks to this little exhibit for confirming my fear that a large spider just might be hiding in my shoe every time I go to put it on. After that big room we went out to the butterfly conservatory. The conservatory was enormous and looked like a lush rain forest. There were thousands of butterflies everywhere! It was very cool. Tons of butterflies everywhere you looked. All different colors and sizes and they were not shy. They'd fly right up and flutter in front of your face. That freaked Tate's freak a little. He was fine until one came right up to his face and then that was it. I was holding him and pointing to butterflies at least a few feet away for the rest of the time. It was amazing. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and Tate was much happier too, as long as they kept their distance. Tate was especially mesmerized by the waterfall and frustrated that I wouldn't let him dive in.Then we had a butterfly treat on the way out. It was a great outing.

That night we went to the discount day at jumpalooza with Glenn. I told Tate that we could go when dad got home and he said, all excited, "Dad wants to COME?" Yeah buddy, Daddy is coming. For some reason, he could not get enough of Daddy that night. He didn't want anything to do with me. If he was climbing somewhere, Daddy had to go with him. At one point Glenn started punching these big things like a punching bag and Tate started busting up laughing. Then he said, "I can do it too!" and started copying Daddy. It was so cute. A very fun and full day. Glad we took a break from the daily grind to really play for a whole day.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The ants are history! I cleaned out the pantry today and put things back in. My counters look much cleaner and it's just plain wonderful not to be running in to the little things every day.
There was really no difference after the bug folks came to spray so Glenn took matters into his own hands. We had ant traps that did nothing. Then he found this great stuff called "Terro". You put a little drop of it onto a piece of paper and the ants eat it and take it back to feed to the queen. Once the queen dies, you're free! Glenn was super excited. He planted it right along their path and watched them. He is very science-minded, so watching the process unfold fascinated him. There was much fist-pumping, shouting, and celebrating as they fell for his tricks. I enjoyed watching him much more than watching the ants.
He even sang them a little song as he watched. Sung to the tune of "Lead Kindly Light"

Drink deeply ants amidst the encircling doom.
Die vermin scum!
Drink of the poison and feed it to your queen.
Die vermin scum!

Good times. I had his song stuck in my head all day.
Adios ants. Please don't come again!

Here are a couple of other friends who live at our house.
Lizards. Several. This is one of their favorite tricks. Tate thinks it's hilarious to see just their heads sticking out.

And this is a little frog friend who we find right on our back doorstep every night. We must have some delicious bugs hanging out there or something.