Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Tummy Time" 18 Weeks

Hey there!
I learned a new trick this week. I'm not a big fan of tummy time. Mostly it results in 5 minutes of tolerating being on my tummy which concludes with me burying my face in the blanket and throwing a fit until mom picks me up. Mom tries to tell me to be tough and that tummy time is good for me. I still don't like it. Nope I don't.So this week I figured out that I don't have to be on my tummy if I don't feel like it! I can tuck one arm up and push off just right with the other one and end up on my back. YEA! Then my mom stands over me with her hands on her hips which I think is super funny, and she flips me back over again. Sometimes we do this 5 or 6 times over again and my mom still doesn't learn that I don't feel like being on my tummy. Silly mommy.
You know what I do like is this Rosie thing. She is big and furry and she likes to lick my fingers and my toes and my face. I think it tickles and it makes me smile. I guess I taste delicious. Mom doesn't like it at all. Oh Mom. Some day when I grow up I'll show my mom how to really have fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Day!

June 21st, 2005.
I woke up in a hotel room in Salt Lake. Got my hair done. Ate something Mom brought up from the continental breakfast. Don't remember what it was. Don't think I even tasted it. Read a sweet text message from Glenn. "Tomorrow we can wake up together!" Gathered all my stuff. Double checked that I had everything I needed. I'm sure there were check lists involved. Went to the temple. Met Glenn in the Celestial room. Glenn made funny faces and told me jokes so I wouldn't be nervous. Married my very best friend and the most handsome, wonderful man in the world. Remember almost nothing about the actual ceremony except that we kissed 3 times when given permission at the end. The sealer said, "Well, that's your first, second, and third kiss as a married couple." We like to kiss, okay? Some things never change.
Four years later our lives are very different. Wonderfully different. We have our sweet little boy, live in a different state far away from both of our families. Bed time is earlier, as is waking up time. Alone and snuggle time occur less frequently than they used to but are appreciated more. Our house is filled with sounds of barking, cooing, giggling, hiccups and spitting as much as it is filled with sounds of ESPN and musical sound tracks. Basically, our lives are great.

Life with Glenn thus far has been a wonderful adventure. Every day something new. Thoughtful cards and notes, doing dishes and changing diapers without a word from me, fun date nights, late night conversations even when he doesn't really want to talk. Tickle fights he always wins...he's just too strong...and stubborn. And backrubs galore. I have been happier these last four years with my sweetheart than I could have imagined and I would do it all over again.
Thanks for a wonderful four years together my love! Can't wait to see what's next!

Two holidays in one day! I'm so blessed to be surrounded by awesome dads! First of all, HAPPY first FATHER'S DAY to my sweetheart. So glad I married the dashingly handsome man I did because our son is SO cute and I'm sure it's all due to his good looks. Thanks for loving our son. Thanks for being a great dad who is excited to come home and just snuggle your little boy in the rocking chair. I love watching you love our little Tate and I can't wait to see how we all grow up together.

My dad is pretty awesome as well. Thanks for being such a great dad to me and grampa to my little man. There were years when we got along...less well. I tried his patience. He loved me anyways and might I add that he is now a VERY patient, and understanding man and while I know that most of that is just his nature, I like to think that the development and refinement of those good qualities are somewhat due to the years of practice I gave him. Love you dad!Arthur my dear father-in-law. This is Arthur overseeing the Thanksgiving feast. Or just waiting for the chow down to begin. This man can put away astounding amounts of food. Seriously impressive and a little unsettling. He is one of the kindest, most loving men I have met and I know where my man got so many of his good qualities. Thanks for raising such a great son for me and being an amazing example of unconditional, Christlike love. Love you Arthur.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

17 weeks

My little boy is 4 months old.


Tate is so much fun right now. He is such a happy little boy. Gone are the days of the 1 hour melt downs a few times a day for no apparent reason. If he is sleepy, hungry, or needs to be changed he is grumpy and otherwise he is a very pleasant little man. It's just wonderful. Just last week we got his first giggles and he is getting quite good at it now. It's like he starts getting excited and it fills him up and bubbles out. Then at the end of his giggle he does this big gasp like he is just overwhelmed by how funny that was. So sweet.

He's also started blowing raspberries. It increases the drooling. It's pretty darn cute though.
Being Tate's mom is so great. I just didn't know. I didn't know that I could have so much fun taking care of someone else. I didn't know that I could love a little tiny person so much. I didn't know I would worry about things that are so far away because I just want the best for this little man so badly. I didn't know I could watch an hour disappear just listening to my little boy make his sweet noises and trying to make him smile. I didn't know that I would ever be woken at 3 am and be excited to spend time with my baby. I didn't know that I would I would fall in love with my sweetheart all over again while watching him love our little boy. My life is entirely different than it was 4 months ago and you know what? It's pretty darn good.


8 Things I did yesterday...
1- Kissed Glenn
2- Kissed Tate
3- Lunch with Glenn at work
4- Grocery shopping
5- Bathed Rosie
6- Laundry
7- Read some of "My Sister's Keeper". Jodi Picoult. Good stuff.
8- Snuggled my sweetheart while watching our netflix movie.

8 Favorite TV shows...
1- The Office
2- Lost
3- So You Think You Can Dance? (Oh no I don't, but watching that show makes me WISH I could!)
4- News
5- Gilmour Girls reruns
6- What not to wear
7- Friends reruns
8- Did I say the office? I suppose I don't follow that many TV shows...this list was hard!

8 Favorite Eats...
1- Macaroni Grill
2- Olive Garden
3- Carrabas
4- California Pizza Kitchen
5- Cheesecake Factory (Yes I do like Italian food.)
6- Indian restaurants! (The Clay Pit in Austin, Bombay House in Provo...Yum!)
7- PF Changs
8- Yummy sandwich places (Gandolfo's, Pot Bellies, Which Wich. I'm a girl of simple tastes.)

8 Things I am looking forward to...
1- Glenn coming home from work
2- The weekend
3- Going to Utah in the fall
4- Going back to Austin
5- Going to Wicked in August
6- Every new thing Tate learns!
7- Shakespeare Festival with the whole fam this year.
8- Starting our "done with school" life.

8 Things on my wish list...
1- For my marriage to my sweetheart to stay as fun as it is now.
2- For my little boy to grow up to be a good, sweet boy.
3- A nice, safe place for all of us to grow up in.
4- TRAVELING! With my brothers, sisters, and parents, just Glenn and I, and with my own little family too.
5- To enjoy working out. I enjoy the after work out feeling. But I've never really enjoyed the actual working out. That would be nice.
6- A good job for my honey.
7- To be more involved in theatre again someday.
8- To see the world! Well, not every bit of it but I do have an extensive list.

8 Things I'm thankful for...
1- Glenn
2- Tate
3- My families.
4- The gospel
5- That my sweet boys and myself are all healthy.
6- That we are in the situation that we are in during this economic crisis. We're lucky to not have much to lose right now and we feel like we're in a good place!
7- Summertime. Swimming, sunshine, travel, snow cones, everything about it!
8- That I live in America

8 People I Tag... (keep in mind, dears, if you choose not to participate in the tagging I will love you still!)
Janelle Cluff
Amy Makechnie
Jenny Woodard
Stephanie Thomas
Katelyn Hunt
Lindsay Banks
Joni Jacobs
Camarie Hansen

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blessing Day

We flew out to Utah this past week for a quick trip so we could bless little man in my parents ward. I wanted to bless him where more of my family could attend. I'm so glad we did. It was a great day. I was able to catch up just a little bit with several family members who I see even less frequently now that I live so far away and my sweetheart gave my little boy a very sweet blessing. It was wonderful. Here are some pictures of the day. Tate at 16 weeks old.
Little Tate was wonderful before church and did great during the blessing too. He was very well-behaved. Oh by the way, I got a haircut while in Utah. I was bored and it is really hot here in Texas so I decided to try something new. I like it a lot. It's so different. I've never cut my hair this short before but it's nice.

After church was a different story. The poor guy couldn't get himself to sleep so he just cried the whole afternoon. I think the pictures are still pretty cute. He's got a great mad face.Here's the whole fam damily. Cody, Aubry, Adam, Camarie, Glenn, Tate, Me, Mackers, Dad, and Mom. Just missing Auntie Mallory.
Glenn had to fly back to Houston Sunday night...well he tried to anyway. His flight was late to Denver so he missed his connection to Houston and had a few other little problems. Anyway, my aunt and uncle in Denver were so sweet and let him stay there for the night and he eventually made it back to Houston on Monday. Tate and I stayed for a few more days to spend some time with my family. It was a great trip. I always go home thinking, "I am just going to lay around and relax for a few days because there is nothing for me to do here." But it's surprising how busy and full my days at home become.
It was fun to spend some time with my little niece again. She is so different from the last time I saw her. It's amazing how much she is learning. She is a sassy little girl now.
Mya and Tate, the sole "Hansen" cousins got a little bit of snuggle time. Most of it was forced for photo ops. Little Mya is ridiculously flexible. She just lays on the ground and spreads her lets out in the splits or straddles and it's no big deal.

Mya looks adorable in her tiny swim suit.
Tate had a great time swimming with Nanna.

He got really worn out and fell asleep in the pool.

Tate also spent a lot of time trying to fit his entire fist in his mouth. This picture kind of creeps me out. It looks like he has no hand at all and he's sucking on his nubbin.
This side view makes me feel a little better. Silly boy.
We stayed busy running errands and such. We found great new fabric stores, planted flowers, went baby clothes shopping and suit shopping for my dad. Then there was the great and terrible 13th birthday party for Mckenzie to plan. Tate had a great time as well. He bonded with Nanna and Grampa again. He even helped throw Grampa's back out after a long snuggle session during a movie. Good times. He's not a little guy any more, is he gramps? You've gotta pace yourself.

Auntie Kenzie and Tater. Happy birthday my dear little sister. Hope you know how much we love you and how glad we are that you are our sister and aunt!
Thanks for the great trip! We miss you already.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tate at 15 weeks.

I spent some time today trying to catch Tate making a cute smiling face. This is the result.And those are just the best of many many more pictures I took. I decided that there are just going to be some less than adorable pictures of my adorable boy and you know what? That's okay, because the funny looking pictures are still pretty cute. It took both Glenn and I to get some smiling pictures later this evening. We were out shopping and I worked to make him smile while Glenn was sneaky with the camera. In other news there were two new developments this week. First, Tate is amazingly drooly of late. I mean just soaking in drool. It's amazing the kid isn't dehydrated.

Also, Tate has decided to sing us awake a few times this week. It's the sweetest thing. He'll just wake up and start cooing in his crib for quite a while until he's ready to be picked up. It's very nice of him to help ease me awake some mornings when I do not feel ready to get up yet. A couple of nights ago I got up to feed him at 4am and then put him down to sleep again. He decided that he didn't want to sleep yet and spent the next half hour just cooing and singing to us from his pack and play in the corner. It was so so sweet. Glenn and I just layed in bed and laughed because it was super cute but we also just wished that he would go back to sleep. Silly boy. It's nice that since we are sharing a little bedroom in our little apartment that he is being so pleasant about it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Space Center, Houston

Another check off of our "Things to do while living in Houston" list this past weekend. On Saturday we ventured to the Johnson Space Center. We weren't really sure what to expect but we had a great time and learned a lot! Those who know Glenn know that he loves to know a lot about a lot of different things. He and I both added a lot of random facts to our brains this weekend.
For instance: Did you know that as astronauts bodies are adjusting to being in space their spines expand anywhere from two and a half to four inches in the first 48 hours? Well they do.
Did you know that the space station is orbiting the earth so fast that they complete a rotation every 90 minutes? That means they see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets every day.
Did you know that during a mission only one person in mission control can speak to the crew in space? That person's job is called CAPCOM (capsule communication) and that person is always an astronaut. Just to make things easier.
Yep, lots of random facts were accumulated.
I really enjoy seeing "stuff". The artifacts that they have there were super cool. They have original Apollo and Mercury capsules, they're TINY. I was claustrophobic just looking at them. They have a lot of moon sand and rocks, space boots, gloves, helmets, and other fun stuff worn by people such as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. It was neat.
I think our favorite part may have been seeing this HUGE Saturn V rocket. It's the same rocket model used in all of the Apollo missions. It's just a left over one that they built but didn't have the money to use it in a mission so here it is. Amazing how much it takes to put one of these monsters together and how many things have to be working just perfectly to make a successful flight.
Me, at the "butt" of the beast. Seriously, can you believe the size of this thing?
Glenn and little man looking at where one section connects to another and wondering, "Do you think we can build one of these at home?"Little Tate was a trooper even though he was super tired all day.
They had flight simulators where you could try to land the space shuttle or dock with the space station. Glenn had to try of course. He did much better than I would have. Interesting how boys seems to have a 6th sense for these things.
They have themed exhibits that change from time to time in the middle of the space center and right now there's an exhibit all about George Lucas and his movies. There were original notes of his from the Star Wars films from screenings and notes on original scripts too and fun "stuff" from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Willow. Here I am with some of the helmets from Willow. Oh the memories.

Very cool place. Check.