Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a few visitors for Christmas this year.  Uncle Ian came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  Auntie Mallo and Grampa came for about a week as well. It was so fun to have so many family members here to play with!  They are all so sweet and loving to our kiddos.  Here we are on Christmas morning, except for Nana and Glenn, who are taking pictures.
 Santa was very good to us this year.  He brought  Glenn a snazzy running watch that he's been wanting to help him train for his next marathon (April 19th in SLC!).  He brought me a trip with my sister at the end of April.  Cannot wait!  He brought Finny a toy trumpet and cash register.
 And he brought Tate a star speeder.  It's a toy version of the ride vehicle from Star Tours and Tate has been talking about it since we went last year.
 It's a very cool toy.
 Tate and Finn were spoiled by cousins and each received a stuffed star wars angry bird toy.  Finn's was "Dun Duh Dun" (Darth Vader) which he loved and wrestled all day.
 And Tate's was a Chewbacca bird.
 We had a great day just hanging out and playing with new toys.  We received a LOT of new games and books this year and had fun figuring them out and playing together.
 The rest of Christmas break was filled with fun activities.  We spent a morning at the zoo together.  The weather really cooperated over the break and gave us several sunny, warm days to enjoy outside.
 Tate and Finn are obsessed with maps.  They get a new one every time we go to the zoo or science museum even though I'm sure they know exactly where they're going by now.  They like to look at the map and direct our visit.

 Another morning we spent at the ice rink at the mall right around the corner from our house.  It was the boys first time skating and the first time I've been in years.  It was harder than I remembered.  Coordination is not my forte.
 But the boys had a blast and were exhausted when we finally had to leave.
 So were we.  Thankfully Glenn and I had a lot of help guiding them around the rink.  They are really heavy boys.

 We took the family to the indoor pool one night.  It's a really cool place with a little lazy river and a kids area with a bunch of sprinklers.  The boys are both crazy fish and love being in the water.
 Finn's especially happy whenever there is a ball involved.
 We took the fam to one of our favorite parks.  There's a huge play ground and in the summer there's a splash pad as well.  We made Mallory take a turn in the spinning chair of death.  It's a doozy.  It'll give you a headache and leave you queasy all day long.  Sisterly love.
 It was a beautiful day.  I love living in this area where we have nice days that give you a break from the winter cold so we can let these crazy boys play outside!
It was a wonderful Christmas break.  I'm glad we were able to have so many family members come to play.  I love that our boys love their family and that they get to see them so often.  This Christmas was one for the books, for sure.

When Finny turned 2

Finny's second birthday was pretty chill.  We enjoy the chill little birthdays while we can.  Soon he'll be old enough to care about parties and then there will be parties.  For now, we loved having little 2 year old Finn to ourselves for the day.
We woke up on his birthday and Tate asked me if I had decorated for his I forgot.  So we left Finny in his crib for a few more minutes and Tate helped me decorate the down stairs for his birthday.  Apparently that is now a tradition.  Good to know.
  We opened presents throughout the day.  Auntie Aubry and our Utah cousins sent him some Star Wars character flashlights which were a big hit.
 He got a slide and some balls and books from our family and spent most of the morning going down the slide or rolling his ball down the slide.
 That evening we went to a bounce place with the Cluff family.  We met Stephen, Tori and Lizzy at the bounce place and the big kids had a blast running around like crazy and completely wearing themselves out.   But try as we may we couldn't get poor Finn interested in the bounce place.  Primarily because he found the basketball arcade game and that was the end of his interest in the bounce houses.
He begged and begged and we finally let him try it.
 Then it was over and he made this face.
 Then this one.
 We tried to get him to come bounce with us but we ended up just playing the basketball game for a while.  And he was very happy.
 We ended the night with dinner at olive garden.  The kids had mac and cheese and were happy as can be.  After we got home we had some cupcakes.  He seemed mildly interested in the frosting but the cake he could do without.  
 Silly boy.

We love you sweet Finny face.  Hope you had a wonderful birthday, little man.