Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tate's 5th Birthday

Tate has been talking about his 5th birthday party since the day after his 4th birthday party.  He decided then that he wanted to have a Star Wars themed party and he never changed his mind so we had plenty of time to plan.  
For a couple of months before his birthday he would wake up early and ask to snuggle with me.  Then he'd say, "Mom, could we just look at Star Wars party ideas on your ipad for a while?"  He had quite the list of party games and refreshments that he wanted to have but he was fine with the tapered down list we ended up with.
He invited a couple of friends from preschool and some friends from church.  It was a great, manageable party. 
We started with a game of "pin the light saber on the Star Wars angry bird.
Then we did some Jedi training.  Each kiddo got a light saber pool noodle and had to keep their "training ball" from hitting the ground.
Then we did some group training, learning some Jedi moves.
We learned that the basement had been taken over by tie fighters so our newly trained Jedis ran downstairs and quickly beat them all into submission.

Then they popped bubbles with their light sabers.
At the end of our training Darth Vader arrived to fight one-on-one with the younglings.  They thought it was so cool even though they obviously knew it was Glenn in a mask.  They beat him up pretty good and he retreated upstairs.  Then it was time for Star Wars cupcakes!
Birthday boy wanted cupcakes from the dark side and the light side so we made two kinds of cupcakes with different colored frosting.

Finn chose the dark side.
All the birthday party crew, except for Sydney and Maddie who had to leave early.  From L to R: Ian Cannon, Finny face, Lizzy Cluff, Tate, Braeden Baker, Sawyer Garlock, and Tori Cluff. in their Star Wars masks.

Tate was super spoiled by all his friends and family.  He opened presents at the party and then later that night too.  He was one happy boy.  His party was just what he wanted which made me so happy.  
He talked about his party for weeks saying that it was the best party ever.  It's hard to want to pass up on birthday parties when kiddo is so grateful and happy.  Next year it will be Glenn's turn to plan again.  Tate's still deciding on the theme.  I'm sure there will be many pinterest mornings with Daddy.
Love you Tate.  I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday!

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The Hansen's said...

His party looks darling! I need to be more daring and do a friend party for my kiddo's.
Tate, we love you so very much and wish we could have been there to celebrate your birthday with you! We miss you and love you SO very much!